Hydration Before Your Wedding

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Staying hydrated before your wedding is important. Let’s talk all about it!

What are the benefits to drinking water?

Here are some top reasons to stay hydrated:

  1. Increases brain power

  2. Provides energy

  3. Improves your complexion and gives you more radiant skin

  4. Helps promote weight loss

  5. Helps with weight management

  6. Prevents headaches and helps decrease likelihood of migraines

  7. Helps with going to the bathroom (#2)

  8. Flushes out toxins

  9. Prevents bad breath

  10. Boosts immune system

  11. Prevents cramps and sprains

  12. Helps regulate body temperature

  13. Improves heart health

  14. Takes the edge off headaches

What are water recommendations?

Water recommendations for adults range 8-9 glasses per day.

However! Foods with a large water content also count towards this recommendation - such as watery fruits and vegetables (e.g. watermelon, celery, cucumbers).

Foods can actually contribute 20% of our water requirements. So, if you're eating a well-balanced diet, you generally don't need the full 8-9 glasses. 

What if I’m exercising to tone up for the wedding? Do I need more water?

If brides-to-be are exercising to tone up for the wedding, they may need additional hydration - at least 1-3 glasses of additional water during those days of exercise. Hydration can also help clear up, and have radiating skin. 

How much water should I drink on my wedding day?

During the day of the wedding, it's important to stay hydrated, but to consume generally the same amount of water you drink normally, since it's a pain to mess with the dress, and you don't want to be continually running to the bathroom!

So, pay attention to how much water you normally drink now, and ask your maid of honor or a bridesmaid to help you make sure you're drinking that much the day of your wedding. 

What about other beverages (cough, alcohol, cough)?

During the wedding celebrations, stick with 1-2 alcoholic drinks so as to not get too tipsy, and alternate with water or seltzer throughout the night to stay hydrated and avoid hangovers the next day. 

By alternate I mean:

  • Water or seltzer

  • Alcohol

  • Water or seltzer

  • Alcohol

  • Etc.

How can I make sure I enough water leading up to my wedding?

Here are some ways to make sticking with it fun!


Here is an article from Martha Stewart Weddings on hydration for the wedding - they included from me - thank you guys!


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