Picture of YOU on Your Save-the-Date?

Picture of YOU on Your Save-the-Date

Save the dates are one of the places where the couple can show off their creativity and love for each other.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you should include a picture of yourself on your save-the-date, I talked with Becca Goldberg of Suite Paperie, inc. to answer some top questions!

For save-the-dates, what percent of couples do you see have a picture of themselves on the save-the-date? 

Most of our clients tend to skip the picture on the save the date, opting for a more graphic or typography driven layout. However, we have done plenty of photo save the date cards, postcards and magnets. 

Do you recommend post cards, letters with envelopes, magnets, etc.? And why?

Our two most popular formats are flat cards with envelopes and postcards. It totally depends on the vibe they’re trying to set for their wedding day. A black tie wedding will send a card and envelope, while a destination or less formal wedding may opt for a fun postcard

If including a picture of the couple: What types of poses are the best? Full body? Kissing? Funny? Etc. 

The most important thing when using a picture is to make sure it’s taken with a professional camera and is high resolution. The pose is truly up to the couple and should convey their personality. We also like to have some solid background (think sky or ground) to be able to lay easy-to-read typography on top of. 

If including a picture of the couple: What types of poses are the worst? Full body? Kissing? Funny? Etc. 

It’s not so much about the pose, but the quality that matters. If opting for a kissing picture, I’d make sure it’s zoomed out a decent amount. 

Do you have any tips for choosing the most flattering picture? 

Good lighting and comfortable poses are key. Nothing worse than an awkward photo on a save the date. 

What should we look for in a design studio when choosing one for Save the Dates? 

You should look for a studio who designs save the dates that are similar to what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in a photo save the date, ask to see samples. If you’re opting for no photo, then make sure your design preferences match up with their skill sets (e.g: if you want watercolor flowers or a custom drawing of your venue make sure that’s something the company is capable of creating for you!) 

Check out the most recent and behind the scenes peeks at @suitepaperie on Instagram and their full work at www.suitepaperie.com


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