New Year's Resolutions to Follow if You Want to Lose Weight for Your Wedding

New Year's Resolutions to Follow if You Want to Lose Weight for Your Wedding

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Happy happy new year!

Every year so many of us vow that this is the year we’ll eat healthier, tone up, or get in shape - so let’s actually DO IT this time! 

2019 New Years Resolutions

Here are some EASY New Years resolutions that you can seamlessly include in your life.

1. Have 2 cups of Veggies at Lunch & Dinner

1 cup is about equal to 1 normal sized veggie like a pepper - so you can easily eat 2 cups by eating 2 veggies.

Along that note! There’s a lot of talk in the media about “healthy treats”. However, the best treat is really ANYTHING you really love and enjoy, that you can be satisfied with a small portion of. For example for me, I prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has more health benefits than milk chocolate - but I’m not personally going to sacrifice my enjoyment for a few extra antioxidants.

2. Get More Sleep!

I can’t stress this one enough. When we’re tired, our bodies can’t tell the difference between “hunger in order to stay awake” and actual hunger - so we’ll easily end up overeating. If you need to wake up for work at 7, go to bed at 11 so you can get a full 8 hours of sleep! Here are some good tricks for getting more sleep:

  • Set a bedtime alarm

  • Leave your phone on the opposite side of the room

  • Meditate for 5 minutes

  • Start a 2 sentence gratitude journal

  • Listen to this sleepytime book for kids (also works for adults)

3. Walk to Every Destination Within One Mile

It will take you max 20 minutes, and you’ll feel great afterwards.

4. When You’re In the Store, Compare Products to Choose Fewer Carbohydrates

Extra sugar and carbs are hiding in a lot of our foods - dressings, sauces, granolas, cereals, breaded and fried foods, to name a few. If you can - look at nutrition facts labels to compare products.

How Can I Stick with My New Years Resolutions This Year?

Here are some of my top tips to sticking with our resolutions to make this your best year yet! 


if it’s in the calendar, it gets done! Put grocery shopping and meal prepping in your calendar so you don’t forget. 


For a lot of us, only being accountable to ourselves doesn’t cut it - Teaming  up with  a friend who has similar goals can really help to keep us accountable. Or better yet - hire a coach or join a group program. I’d love for you to join my program!


Make the healthy choice the EASY choice! Buy single-serving sized snacks (or make your own) and put sweets in the freezer or in a high cabinet to make it just harder to get to. 

Put Emotion Behind It

This is probably the most important tip - our actions follow our emotions, and this is how we are able to stay motivated for the long-haul. One great tip for this is to make an inspiration desktop or phone background - you can make this on the website for free! 

Here are some great books to read to get into the right mindset - they have changed my life!


If you are looking for the EASIEST and most realistic weight loss program - that works for the LONG term (it incorporates weekly meal plans, how to stop stress & boredom eating, AND an accountability group) - check out my program HERE!


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