10 MORE Wedding Photographer Tips to Looking Amazing in Your Engagement Photos

Wedding photographer tips look good in engagement photos

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Spring is around the corner - and that means engagement photo sessions are coming up!

I polled some amazing wedding photographers to get their top tips on looking and feeling your best during the shoot.

The question I asked was:

What is your #1 tip for brides-to-be for their engagement photo shoot?

Here’s what they said!

Comfort is key. Decide on a location that fits with you and your fiancé's vibe and wear clothing you can be yourselves in.”

- Jennifer from www.jennifermarenphotography.com

Confidence makes a big difference! I personally feel amazing when I walk out of a salon, and if they are the same, it is worth it to invest in a little pampering. Having hair, makeup, and clothes that make you feel your best will ultimately translate into your photos.”

- Mandy from http://mandy.photography

Don’t overthink your wardrobe and stress. If you have concerns snapshot a picture of what you’re thinking about wearing and send it to your photographer, they might have a better sense of if it will clash or compliment the location. I also tell them that even if they don’t think they want or need engagement pics, to do it anyway. It’s a perfect way to feel comfortable in front of the lens and with your photographer before your big day.”

- Kelly from www.kschulzphotography.com

“Think about what’s important to you and bring it. Do you have pets? Bring them. Both love sipping on a certain drink? Bring it and let’s get some fun shots in of you toasting to a new year as husband & wife. Have a hobby? Bring that skateboard! Props that are meaningful to the couple can elevate the shoot so much & really make it unique to them.”

- Marissa from marissacasillas.com

“I always ask them to have 2 different outfits. One more cozy, natural like jeans and a pretty top and for him a jeans/sweater. The other outfit can be more chic, like you would go in a nice evening restaurant. I also tell them it could be a good idea to have their « essayage » for hair and make-up that day. That way they feel beautiful and have an idea of what they will look like on the wedding day.”

- Catherine from www.catherinedumontet.com

“I encourage my couples to pick a location and/or an activity that helps show their journey together as a couple. What place or activity symbolizes the millions of moments culminating to their engagement? It makes the images mean more, and will really resonate with the people they want to share the news. A lot of my couples are sporty or outdoorsy or love nature, so deciding to make engagement images doing their special hike or favorite weekend sport activities (like running, cycling, climbing, etc) is a fun touch.”

- Kathryn from www.makeadventurestories.com 

“I always suggest people peruse other couples’ engagement, wedding or just "couple" photos to highlight what they like. There are so many beautiful ways to capture a couple's magic but I do think they need inspiration from time-to-time.”

- Katie from Venues & Vows

“Your pictures should tell YOUR love story! There’s tons of pretty places around us but I always recommend finding a location that is meaningful to their love story or showcases their personality.”

- Amanda from www.amandanicolephoto.com 

“Just relax and have fun, don’t overthink your session. I always like to turn on some music while we shoot to make it a little more fun. Focus on the one that makes you happy and your smiles and expressions will come naturally.”

- Shyann from www.shylaurel.com

“Make it a date night! Dress up, splurge on your hair and makeup, make a reservation at your favorite restaurant or go out for ice cream, and a show after your session. Make a fun-filled day of it! I I also tell my couples not to over think your smiles or posing. A good photographer will direct you into natural poses. And choosing a photographer that you have a good connection with is also essential as a comfortable relationship and conversation will bring out real and natural smiles.”

- Tammie from www.chokecherrydesign.com

“I tell my couples that we should go to a place that has meaning for their story: where they met, place of first kiss, favorite getaway spot. Props that have meaning for them, or we do the shoot with them doing their favorite hobby.”

- Vass from www.v-photo.ro


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