9 Wedding Photographer Tips to Looking Amazing in Your Engagement Photos

Wedding photographer tips look good in engagement photos

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Spring is around the corner - and that means engagement photo sessions are coming up!

I polled some amazing wedding photographers to get their top tips on looking and feeling your best during the shoot.

The question I asked was:

What is your #1 tip for brides-to-be for their engagement photo shoot?

Here’s what they said!

“Show up early, coordinate outfits but don’t match, have your hair & makeup trial that morning/ afternoon, have a shot of whiskey if it helps calm your nerves, have fun.”

- Seattle wedding photographer Kyle Goldie lumaweddings.com

Meeting with the photographer before the shoot is vital for a relaxed, creative shoot. Grab a coffee with them, share your vision for your photos, and get to know each other a bit! It’s the key to beautiful and natural photos on the day of the shoot.”

- George Chris Photography from @georgechrisphotography

“I find the brides who do their homework on poses and know what they want have the best time and end up with the best photos. It becomes a collaborative effort. I can try to pose people, but it can sometimes come across as forced if they’re not feeling it. But when a bride comes confident in what she wants, that confidence projects and you can see it in the photos.”

- Stephan Miller from DaddicusPhotography.com and @daddicusphotography

Forget Pinterest perfection. Be natural and real, interact with intention and your photos will be amazing! And, pick an outfit you feel good in. If you are pulling and tugging in the mirror, it will be a thousand times worse at the session. And finally, find a photographer you trust and ask their opinion on times, locations, and outcomes and take their advice! They are the professional for a reason!”

- LeAnna Theresa from LeAnnaTheresa.com

“Make sure you book the same photographer for both your engagement and wedding. This will help you get an idea how this person directs, is behind camera and how the final images look and allow you to tweak or focus on images/ poses/ lighting you prefer and then can focus on during your wedding day. This also helps your photographer focus on what you like or don't like.”

- Makeen Osman from Makeen Osman Photography

“I tell my couples to be themselves. If they are affectionate with each other, be affectionate! If they are funny, be funny. I tell them to not worry about me that I’ll just follow them around and document their love for each other.”

- Melody Cook from Melody Cook Photography

“Simply have fun and trust the photographer. Many times they feel pressure on not knowing how to pose but that’s what the photographer is there for. Enjoy the moment!”

- Jose Hoyos from Photo Harp Weddings

Trust that your photographer knows how to make you look good! Relax and feel the love for your partner.”

- Brittny Hart from lovebrittny.com

“Don’t be afraid to let loose and be yourselves! The best photos come out of the whimsical, silly, sweet, naturally unfolding ‘in between’ moments!”

- Lindsay Murphy from lindsaymurphyphotography.com


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