The Stress Eating Cure - How to Deal with Food Cravings

stress eating cure

I hear a lot of clients say they can't resist certain foods, and let me tell you, I felt the same way for a long time. 

However! There are tried to true ways to handle our cravings, be satisfied, and not deter our weight loss goals! Let’s talk about them to create a “stress eating cure”.

Here are easy (and even sometimes tasty!) ways to deal with these times. 

1. Eat a Single-Serving

We do find the best way to handle cravings is to eat the exact food you're craving, to satisfy it.

If you really want ice cream, don't try to eat fruit, because you'll likely end up eating the ice cream after the fruit anyway! 

Also, think about what single-serving size amount is truly satisfying. If your find that tiny ice creams are too tempting, and you find yourself having 2 or 3 instead of sticking with 1, have a slightly larger single-serving ice cream to satisfy that craving.  

2. Only Keep Small Amounts in the House 

Keeping single-servings around helps our self-control - especially during night times when we can easily give into our tempting desires! 

Try fun-sized candies, individually-wrapped ice creams, etc. 

3. Go OUT to Get It 

Another good trick is to not keep those tempting foods in the house, and to go OUT of the house to get them. 

If keeping chocolate in the house is too difficult, go to CVS to get a small sized bar. 

4. Try a Food That's Similar, but a Little Healthier 

If you truly can feel satisfied with an option that's a bit healthier, that can be a great option to eat more nutrient-dense and/ or lower calorie foods. 

For example, try watermelon with 2 Tbsp of light whipped cream instead of sorbet! 

5. Paint Your Nails 

This is one of our favorites - when you're nails are being painted and drying, you can't reach into the bag of chips or pretzels! 

6. Phone a Friend 

Talking on the phone, especially to someone who's supporting your health and wellness goals, is an excellent distraction. Better yet, go for a walk while talking to get out of the house! 

7. Do an Exercise Video  

Choose an exercise video that you love - preferably one that takes all of your concentration like a dance video where you have to learn new moves! Body By Simone is one of our favorites - here's a sample video workout from her

8. Practice Meditation  

Becoming more mindful has huge benefits - especially during stressful times. Shift your focus to sustaining and feeding your spirit. Try an app like Headspace, Calm, or Simple Habit (just search the app store!). 

9. Read a Book 

Reading takes much more concentration than watching TV - pick up a good book! We love a good mystery novel - really takes all our attention! 

10. Get Back to, or Build a New Hobby!

Been wanting to get back into watercolor? Knitting? Even coloring in a coloring book? There's never a perfect time to start - start now! 

11. Clean a Single Room 

One room isn't too much to handle at one time. When you're finished, reassess your hunger! 

12. Try a Face Mask 

Trying different masks before your big day can be a good way to see which really makes your skin glow! 

Here’s my favorite one by BeautyCounter - which only uses clean facial ingredients (did you know 80% of ingredients used in American beauty products aren’t tested?!).



The Stress Eating Cure

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