How to Avoid Overeating During Engagement Week

how to avoid overeating during engagement season

Engagement week is SO exciting! You're seeing everyone's overly enjoyed faces, and loved ones come from near and far to celebrate with you. 

However! Engagement week also brings its own set of challenges! 

Constantly eating out and drinking alcohol during any time is hard, but when the attention is all on YOU, and everyone wants to celebrate with YOU, it can seem like extra calories are constantly being pushed on you. 

Here are some top tips on how to navigate these tricky situations! 


1. Have fewer, larger get-togethers instead of many different celebrations

Get your friends all together and do 1-2 nights out or brunches. The more the merrier anyway, right? This way you'll minimize the dinners and drinks eating out, where we're less in control of what's in the food we're eating. 

2. Sip seltzer in between alcoholic drinks

Not only does sipping seltzer in between drinks slow you down, but it prevents hangovers (so we can stay with our health goals the next day and not be drawn towards greasy foods), and keeps us hydrated throughout the night! 

Bonus: add a wedge of lime in your seltzer to make it look like alcohol! 

3. Ask to celebrate with an occasion that does not revolve around food

Try a celebratory walk in the park or craft event like painting! Not all of our events need to include food and booze. 

4. YOU pick the location of the bar or restaurant

When you're in charge and in control, you can often make healthier choices! Look at menus of a few restaurants and pick the location based on what you're comfortable with. 


All in all, enjoy yourself and congratulations on your engagement!! 


how to not overeat during engagement season



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