Traveling to Your Bachelorette Party? Top 5 Foods to Bring on the Plane

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Destination bachelorette parties are always so exciting! Being able to spend some valuable time with your best of friends and family is such an amazing experience to cherish.

At the same time, the stress of packing and traveling while worrying about your upcoming wedding can definitely put a damper on not only the entire occasion, but your nutrition goals as well.

Unnecessary levels of stress can lead to mindless snacking, which will only leave you feeling even further behind in your desired progress. Not to mention, nearly all airports are filled with quick-service, calorie-dense meal options that not only hinder your nutrition plan, but they also lack the protein and vitamins needed to replenish your energy levels, especially when traveling! 

You might think that it’s a bit silly to pack extra snacks in your carry on, but this is an excellent way to stay on track, keep your energy levels up, and make sure that you’re staying satisfied in a healthy way! 

1. Small Granola Bars

These slim, conveniently-packaged snacks don’t take up a lot of space and never fail to keep us full in-between meals. A good trick is to choose a kid's size or lower calorie bar if this is just a snack to tide you over to the next meal. 

2. Fresh Fruit

This works best with fruit that can be transported and consumed as a whole, such as apples, bananas, nectarines, peaches, blueberries, etc. If you’re worried about packing fresh fruit in your bag, dried fruit is another excellent option! Keep in mind that dried fruit pack a lot of calories and sugar, so try to look for brands that don't add additional sweeteners. 

3. Nuts

While different types of nuts can offer different benefits, they’re all relatively healthy and wonderful on-the-go snacking options. Even though it's a little more packaging, buying single-serving packs of nuts is a great way to handle portion control with this higher calorie snack. 

4. Natural veggie Chips

For those who like a bit of “crunch” to their snack, try to select “chip” options that aren't necessarily traditional chips - such as kale, beet, seaweed, cucumber, and carrot crisps. 

5. jerky

Another good low-calorie snack is turkey or beef jerky - this snack is non-perishable (it doesn't go bad for a long time), and it's super filling. You can get a variety of flavors - and many are now made organic and without additives. 

Which is your favorite? Let us know!


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