Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Bachelorette Weekend

bachelorette party

Below are our top 5 tips on planning a fun and memorable bachelorette weekend with your girls that will leave you feeling refreshed and not drained come Monday morning! 

By staying mindful and planning ahead, your healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to go out the window in order to enjoy your bachelorette weekend.

P.s. these tips are not just great for a bachelorette party, but can be used for any night out or girls trip! 

1. Go AIRBNB over hotel!

The rise of airbnb was pretty much a game changer for group trips such as bach parties. Being able to rent a whole house for the crew instead of staying in a hotel not only makes for an easier time keeping the team together, but having a full kitchen is clutch when you are aiming to make healthier food choices. This way you can fill up the fridge with healthy snacks (think cut up veggies, fruits, whole wheat crackers, popcorn). You also wont have to eat out for every single meal. Planning a night in or a homemade brunch can be a really nice way to mix things up!

2. Sweat it out!

Get the group moving and plan on doing something active such as a spin class, a beyonce-themed dance class (yes this is a real thing!) or going on a hike depending on your destination.

3. Drink more...water!

When out at the bar, consider double fisting your beverages and always keeping water in hand in addition to your cocktail. Hydrating consistently throughout the night is a great way to prevent feelings of a hangover the next day. Before bed make sure to have water on the nightstand to sip first thing in the morning too!

4. De-stress with time at the spa

#treatyoself doesn’t always have to be food related…spend an afternoon treating yourself to massages, facials or manicures/pedicures!

5. Become chefs for the night!

Sign up for a healthy cooking or cocktail making class to do with the group. Spend the evening chopping and dicing fresh and nutritious ingredients!





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