Filling Snacks for Energy & Purpose


Everyone knows the saying that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day", but mid-morning hunger and the afternoon munchies can be just as important times to eat something healthy and delicious. Don't let unpreparedness hinder your performance in work, school, or life.

Here are some filling snacks to keep on hand.  Opt for high protein, high fat, or high fiber options to keep you satisfied. 


Great Options Include

  • ¼ cup nuts - get pre-portioned ones (e.g. ones you can buy in individual packs) OR pre-portion yourself

  • Turkey jerky - high in protein, takes a while to eat since the meat is tough and there's often a lot of jerky in one package, very filling

  • Yogurt - choose plain and add your own fruit, e.g. let frozen fruit thaw and mix in, the juices will make it taste just like flavored yogurt; or choose brands with the lowest amount of added sugar

  • Hard boiled eggs - very filling, just be aware of the egg smell :)

  • String cheese - good fats and protein