Healthy & Tasty Hotel Welcome Bags

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Guests from out of town love special goodie bags waiting for them at the hotel check in. Let them know you value them coming all the way to celebrate with you, but also that you value their health with these cute ideas. 


Granola-type bars are staples for most welcome bags. They're non-perishable, pretty easy to find in bulk, and most of them taste pretty good. When choosing a bar, look for ones with a low amount of added sugar. Kid's bars are also fantastic options - they satisfy hunger but don't have too many calories (so your guests will be hungry by dinner time!). Here are some of our favorites. 

Veggie Chips

Another great non-perishable option is veggie chips. Don't be fooled though by the "veggie sticks" that are popular - those are pretty much just colored potatoes! Here are some true chips made from non-starchy vegetables. 


Our final filling and satisfying non-perishable snack option for goodie bags are single-serving packs of nuts. Nuts are packed with protein & good fats - also helping your guests be just full enough to make it through your ceremony so they can enjoy the apps and dinner at your reception. 

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